House Bolting & Foundation Fullerton, CA

The main purpose for house bolting or earthquake retrofitting is to protect your home from being displaced from its concrete foundation during the time of earthquake or other structural damage. Foundation bolting is a technique in which bolts are added to improve the connection between your house foundation and the wooden framing of the building. This means that bolts are added through wood that lies on top of the foundation, referred to as sill or mudsill into the concrete.

Contractors Fullerton provides following foundation repair and bolting services:

- Foundation Repair
- Fix Sloping Floors
- Fix Cracked Walls
- Fix Leaning Chimney
- Fix Sagging Floors
- House Leveling
- Home Drainage Systems
- Fix Cracked Foundations
- House Lifting
- Foundation Replacement

So, if you are in need of house bolting services in Fullerton or nearby areas, feel free to contact Contractors Fullerton. We have the ability to solve any type of foundation problem. Affordable and quality services are provided to our clients at competitive price point.

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